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Dragon Ball Vegeta / Characters - TV Tropes

Aloof Big Brother: He acts like this to Tarble, which is a step up since he would have most likely killed Tarble several years earlier.; Always Someone Better: Vegeta's overarching storyline, the driving point of his character is this trope in relation to Goku.. At the start of Z, he was the someone always better to Goku.He greatly surpassed Goku even after he went through months of training ...

Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Androids/Cell Saga / Funny - TV Tropes

The simple fact that this episode started the third season with bait and switch credits meant to make the viewer think that the Garlic Jr. Saga is going to be played out in full...only for Garlic Jr. and his flunkies try to mess with Mr. Popo. The viewer is likely to figure out they're joke credits when two shots emphasize Maron's breasts and ass.


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Dis Lexic | FanFiction

Name: Warlock 'Lock' Magnus. Species: human. Story: Persona Effect. Appearance: A 20 year old human with pale skin, a sharp face, dark brown hair that brushed his shoulders with his bangs swept to the sides and black eyes.

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